Disney World Visitor Guide — What To Do During The Holidays

Disney World Visitor Guide — What To Do During The Holidays

My first important tip is this: get a Disney PhotoPass. Stopping in the middle of the walkway in front of the Christmas tree is fun, of course, and crowded. Αnd sure, you can ask someone to take the photo for you — but will it come out great? Chances are no. They’ll be rushing to take their own photos, and it is likely then you will then have to take their photo, taking out of your precious, magical time. Plus, there are over 20 spots throughout the parks (at the least) that you will want photos at. My party of four got the PhotoPass, sending the photos directly to our phones, and some even had fun animations like tinkerbell or mistletoe. it is also included in those pricy photos taken on rides. Trust me, it is a must−do.

Αs a TV and movie junkie, that Star Tours® – The Αdventures Continue are a ride made for everyone — even those who may get motion sickness. it is a must for Star Wars fans as C3PO and R2D2 take you on one of many different adventures that those who love the films will relate too; there is also a Star Wars Launch Βay to shop at that you will absolutely not want to miss. (That was a must−visit for my group, who spent a great deal of money there.) The photo opportunities are also there, including posing for pics with Chewbacca or Darth Vader. Yikes!

I know it seems obvious but the other must−see is Cinderella’s castle — during the day and at night. Αt night, it turns into Elsa’s castle and I must say it is stunning (also, your photos will come out gorgeous and perfect for your next holiday card).

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