Cottage Farmhouse Style: How to Make it Trendy

Cottage Farmhouse Style: How to Make it Trendy

The cottage home style of dcor is beautiful and gives off a sense of warmth as well as sentimentality. Putting a modern spin on it makes it homely while modern; rustic yet minimalistic. Here are some tips to achieve the right balance.

One of the great things about cottage farmhome dcor is that it can be tailored to your personal tastes. Mementos and special family photographs can be used as decorating influences, along with any items that mean something to you. You can also add a new spin on wood accents by painting them a color that you love. You could even make them look whitewashed for a more rustic appearance.

You can mix old and new easily with cottage−style dcor. This creates a shabby chic look that is warm and inviting. Α good tip to prevent the dcor from becoming dishevelled is to focus on a few striking items in a room and then leaving the rest minimal.

In the bedroom, soft colors, plump pillows and a few trimmings are all you need to achieve that cottage home feeling. You don’t have to buy a lot of new items, though – simply find a few patterned pillows (floral patterns are a classic cottage dcor idea) and something with wood details, such as a wooden−framed mirror. The rest of the room can be maintained with soft pastel colors.

Natural elegance with a focus on relaxed living is what the cottage style dcor should be about. Βefore decorating, ask yourself: What dcor makes your home feel homely? Some ideas could include chalkboard panels on the wall for scribbles and notes, old−style white wooden kitchen chairs, and floral wallpaper. The accessories work together to create a relaxing atmosphere that is also cozy.

The modern cottage is about airy rooms and clean lines. Α few accessories, such as comfortable cushions in light colors or stools and patterns ,create a cottage atmosphere without losing the trendiness of modern day living.

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