Contemporary rocking chair Dim Sum

Contemporary rocking chair Dim Sum

Something as timeless as a rocking chair is perpetually changing. From the classical image of a vintage or antique rocking chair we go to a minimalist, contemporary one. The rocking chair we used to picture in our minds, the one our grandma used to have, is no longer a trend. Its time now for new designs to invade the market. Dim Sum sets the tone.

Dim Sum is a contemporary rocking chair that was designed by Netherlands company Montis. Its design is based on the classical image but it has been greatly improved. The chairs frame is no longer visible. It has been hidden inside a compact, fluid structure. The principle is the same but the look is hardly similar. In fact, its the base that lets us even consider it as being a rocking chair. Dim Sum kept some of the details that characterize the traditional notion of a rocking chair.

For example, its design includes wood, just like the classical one. Αlso, its extremely comfortable, a characteristic that defined the traditional rocking chair and that made it so popular. The designers of this contemporary piece focused on increasing the level of comfort by including comfy seat cushions and even a headrest. Dim Sum comes in a variety of vibrant colors that further contribute to its bold, contemporary look.

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