Contemporary Loft Finds The Perfect Balance Between Cool And Elegant

Contemporary Loft Finds The Perfect Balance Between Cool And Elegant

This is a loft that measures a total of 105 square meters, located to the south of Sao Paulo, in a strictly residential neighborhood with buildings dating back to the 80s and 90s. When architect Diego Revollo first laid eyes on it, the apartment had a traditional layout with a ridiculous amount of divisions and separate spaces.

The biggest challenge was to open the space and to make it feel more spacious and airy. The architect decided to go with an open plan for the kitchen and living space.

The walls, ceiling and floor feature a gray finish. The color was carefully chosen to resemble the natural texture and shade of the cement. The color palette had to be just right: modern but not too cold. The wood accents in the form of wall shelving, dividers and doors balance out the dcor.

The Iconic Eames Lounge Chair with brown leather upholstery is the piece that ties everything together in a classy, elegant and timeless design.

Α kitchen island with a wooden extension serves as a dining area. The rest of the kitchen is a black and white combo with a sleek and contemporary design.

The Eames Plastic Side Chairs here featured with a black seat are the perfect choice for the dining table extension. They have a simple and classical design and integrate perfectly in the dcor.

The stainless steel hood with integrated lighting goes by the name of Polar Light and guards the kitchen island with its compact, stylish and exclusive design as well as a perfectly sleek shape. It matches the ceiling and the glossy kitchen design in terms of finish and color.

Βlack is the main color chosen for the kitchen cabinets. The cement gray background and stainless steel appliances are the perfect elements to make this dark shade rock in a chic way.

Α tripod floor lamp with a white shade was chosen to complement the freestanding shelving unit which also serves as a divider. Its geometric design matches the living room wall unit.

The master bedroom suite has an interesting layout. The bathroom open into the actual room and the minimalist gray tub and the bed sit parallel to each other with just a piece of glass between them.

The tub is the element that separates the actual bathroom from the sleeping area.

The bath features limestone with a color and finish that make it look like cement. Notice the referece to the living room dcor. Love the combination of colors and the way the wood complements the space and diminishes the cold aesthetic.

The loft has a very cool balcony. it is small but very inviting and beautiful. The designer used Cumaru wood for the balcony seats and floor and he also designed the roof to match them.

Overall, the loft is very beautifully balanced. The combination of cement, distressed leather, natural linen, rich wood and the perfect wall dcor makes this space a dream home.

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