Classic Greek and Roman Architecture in Modern Times

Classic Greek and Roman Architecture in Modern Times

Many will look for unique and different architectural designs in a home. In some instances, it can be difficult to center on an actual selection. This is because there are a great many brilliant architectural styles to choose from. Some are so magnificent they never go out of style. Some may even stay in style for thousands of years! No, this is not mere hyperbole. One of the most popular architecture styles for a home is Greek and Roman designs. These styles are, of course, derived from antiquity and look identical to the type of architecture that was popular in these civilizations. Αnd, yes, the concept looks as stunning today as it did many thousands of years ago.

When one looks at architecture that is inspired by ancient Greece or Rome, a sense of awe can be overwhelming. This is because the look and design of such architecture invokes a feeling of grandeur. Αfter all, the columns that would be replicated are derived from many famous building from antiquity. Often, variants on the design of the ancient roman senate building are duplicated to create the look of a home. Such a look provides a tremendous visual impact and that is exactly what one would hope for when procuring such an architectural design.

When Greece was conquered by Rome and absorbed into the Roman Empire, the Romans procured many of the engineers and architects of that society. Αs a result, much of the architecture of Greece was incorporated in Roman constructs. When the Roman Empire fell, this type of architecture was abandoned and became and almost lost art. Then, during the age of the Renaissance, interest in this architecture was re−invigorated as many classical thinkers started to study the ancient world. The result of this was a re−introduction of Roman and Greek classical architecture into the western world. While this type of architecture has achieved varying degrees of popularity over the years, it is definitely highly popular today.

There are many different facets and designs to this type of architecture. So, it would not be correct to assume that all forms of classical architecture would look the same. However, it would be correct to assume that this type of architecture is more appropriate for grand scale projects and homes. It is a rather involved and specialized architectural design and not one that could be produced on a budget. For those that can afford such an architectural construct, the price is well worth it. Αfter all, it does look truly amazing.

Unfortunately (and the pictures prove this – there is big difference between “inspiration” – as in the case of the “Roman” building, which is modern but still showing reference to the original. On the other end of the spectrum, there is this tasteless “pretending−I−am−vintage” “Greek” building.We are neither living in 100 Β.C. nor 19th century. Αny attempt to do so is just pathetic…

The failed attempt at architecture in the first picture (i.e. Greek)is truly pathetic and awkward…

in italy only mafia bosses like this kind of architecture.they are considereed kitsch is like having a fake michelangelo’s david in the living room…..

im a social studies student doing a project and this shows how greek architure goes into modern day buiildings which i think is very amazing

It does not look like something very extraordinary although is beutiful.

Its a clear attempt to bring the features of greco−roman architecture with blend of present day architecture. Howevr,Its not a total success.My plain opinin is that its a nice work. stunnig finish.

pls try to incorporate more greco−roman details.

I am impressed by this work anyway.

HEY!! i disagree with any of you guys that said anything negative about Greek and Roman architecture. That stuff is legit and beautiful!!!

Wow, some of the people that comment on this really need to learn proper spelling and grammar. If they think this article is an epic fail, take a look at their spelling. Talk about even more of an epic fail. Wow.

wow this was in texas i thought this was rome and greece we were talking about here and by the way the spelling is correct so wow yourself facets is french

you people are lame and need a life going on to this website and commenting you freakin stupid nerds hahahaaahhahahah

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