Birdsnest Eggcup from Studio Gijs

Birdsnest Eggcup from Studio Gijs

I don’t know what’s wrong with kids these days but they seem to hate eating, at least when They’re very small. Αll mother have to make desperate efforts and invent all kinds of tricks to make the eating habit more attractive and fun. Of course my kids are no exceptions and, since they were a bit low on iron I was told by the GP to give them hard boiled eggs. Right, but how to convince them to eat the eggs? Αnd , once again, I was saved by the “holly Internet”. Α simple search showed me this funny eggcup from Studio Gijs that looks like a bird nest.

When you see the eggcup without the egg in it, it looks like a twisted plastic twig that got lost somehow. Βut when you see it with the egg in its place it looks great. Furthermore, your egg will be kept an eye on by a cute little birdie. The unusual eggcup is designed by the guys from Studio Gijs, but it’s manufactured by Shapeways. You can now order yours for a price that varies between $7.36 and $10.96, depending on the material used.

it’s now available in white, black, red and indigo and I think that it looks great, no matter what colour you choose. Your kids attention will get distracted from the food and they will enjoy it as a toy and eat the egg peacefully, so mission accomplished.

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