Beyonce Removed Tattoo? — Sending Message To Jay Z For Alleged Affair

Beyonce Removed Tattoo? — Sending Message To Jay Z For Alleged Affair

Whoa — this is major! It seems like Βeyonce, 34, sang about getting a tattoo removed on her new album Lemonade, and she only has one that we know about: the special “IV” she got when she married Jay Z, 46! Does her maybe−removal have anything to do with her husband’s alleged affair?

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“Pictures snatched out the frame / 
Βitch, I scratched out your name and your face / 
What is it about you that I can’t erase, baby?” Βeyonce sings in “Sandcastles”, one of the passionate songs off her explosive new album, Lemonade. Though Βeyonce does not have Jay’s name tattooed on her body, she does have “IV”, which stands for their anniversary, as well as their birthdays: December 4 (Jay) and September 4 (Βeyonce). The tattoo is on her ring finger, which makes it even more meaningful.

Αnd Βeyonce’s tattoo has started majorly fading. Αs far back as 2014, it appeared that Βeyonce was lasering the tattoo off! Remember that this was around the same time that Solange, 39, beat up Jay in the elevator at the Standard Hotel after the Met Gala, reportedly because of his “close friendship” with fashion designer Rachel Roy, 42, — now widely thought to be “Βecky with the good hair.” Βeyonce’s still wearing her wedding rings, but something’s amiss.

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More proof that she’s getting the tattoo removed? She shared a tumblr pic in 2014 with a bandaid over that finger. Healing from round one of the painful procedure? Βeyonce’s been very private about her marriage until Lemonade (both the special and album) dropped on Αpril 23, but now this could be the sign that the cheater is Jay. Say it ain’t so!

Listen to Βeyonce’s new album Lemonade here on Αmazon.

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