Bedroom Designs and Room Ideas for Modern Teens

Bedroom Designs and Room Ideas for Modern Teens

Today post is a source of inspiration for those of you who are looking for teenage bedroom design ideas. Today’s hot new looks are centered around sophisticated, modern or cool designs. This is exactly what we are going to present in this post. Finding teenage bedroom design ideas to please the often fickle and fleeting tastes of teenagers and teens can be a challenge, so it is important to come up with ideas that are fun, fresh and easy to change. In these days teens actually have pretty good design sense (probably from watching so much TV and reading magazines full of pictures!), and here are a few modern bedroom designs ideas for teens that maybe will help you find that piece of bedroom inspiration that you are looking for.

Great modern rooms! That last one looks like it could be on a space station! Keep up the great work.Cheers,Jenny

While I love modern design, as a teen, I would find these rooms incredibly boring–most of them are just beige, with very little color. I would never be motivated to get work done in such a drab space.

Nicely laid out and coordinated, and the last is the best, but all of them lack something. Αs a teen, I could not live in them. it is probably the lack of color, which is why I like the last the best because it at least has a bit of zing. Βut they are all so bland!

I could say that the color does not matter. There is no mess in it, no personal stuff, any things that awake us. These pictures are a good start point, but there is a lack of… lack of something, i think that is the mess…

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i like the design however they look a bit dull and boring i prefer bright and bold colours this might be because i am just coming up to 13.

there is nothing homely or even anything comfortable looking insite, maybe for a clean freak, but i dont think many teenagers at all would want a room like this, i know i certainly wouldnt!

I agree with the other comments. Im 15 and am getting my room decorated soon, and its never going to be that clean, even if i do chuck all my junk out!

maan!these are the most boring rooms ive ever seen!

i like it when light enters the room, just like zigshot82..i love the sun..keep−it−ti−pup!

I like all of these of rooms. This style is very nice, I especially like the last three. Number one seems to have to much wasted space, number 2 doesnt leave much room for alternate ideas of interior decorating, and number 3 seems a bit to small. Βut the last 3 are excellent. Especially numbers 4 and 6. I love these ones the best, I am thinking of redoing my room to be identical to room 4.

Why do I say this in front of beauty

Front of this magnificent site

You are amazing my friend

silver n orange interior is mind blowing!!!!!!

i like it but they look too expensive and yess very boring and no color we like color these days!!!!

very fantastic super in the bedroom

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very interesting, brilliant ideas to create the perfect bedroom

These rooms are so grownup−y I have a room and even with all the places i have it is still not that neat. ugh but i do like the forth and last ones they have accualy some color.

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