Beautiful, Eclectic Little Boys and Girls Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful, Eclectic Little Boys and Girls Bedroom Ideas

it is a day of inspiration here at Homedit and we are focusing on the little ones today. Instead of creating a room for your son or daughter with kitschy themes or kiddish decor in mind, why not give them something that is not only appropriate but stylish and fashion−forward too? We’ve rounded up a selection of bedrooms full of beauty and eclecticism to inspire you and give you some outside−the−box ideas when it comes to transforming a space for your kiddo. Now let’s take a look at some little boys and girls bedrooms!

Treat your little man with a “big boy” room, complete with a bigger bed and suave style. We love the color combinations and how it still has an easy and playful charm with a contemporary and sleek appeal.

This stylish blue room is cozy, smartly decorating and refreshing. The creams and all blue tones make for a beautiful foundation, while the fun mix of hipster prints give it an eclectic vibe.

Α space made for a set of twin boys, with lots of pizzazz and personality. We are loving the youthful essence and 60’s mod flavoring surrounding this fun scheme.

For a slightly older boy, this room could be the coolest place to hang out on the block. We love the industrial, “locker” like piece that acts of a fun focal point but also a place to keep organized.

If your little guy wants a place where he can rest, relax and inspire … this is the type of room to create for him. Start with a palette of beautiful, neutral tones and build on the subtle vintage flavor that can develop.

There is something so random yet completely put−together about this room’s style. From the odd bed to the modern, beetle wall art to the railway spinning underneath his place of rest, there is a cool factor that this space has in long strides.

Αnother room built for twins and also built with a complete edginess and fashion−forward style in mind. This eclectic mix of cozy elements and industrial accents is a super great way to prepare your little boys for “growing up.”

Is this room not gorgeous? it is got the masculine energy you need to make your little boy feel like a young man, but it is also clean and chic with a very sophisticated amount of style and timelessness.{found on laurenliess}.

This travel−inspired bedroom has an incredible mix of textures and light hues. The colors are relaxing, yet trendy and upbeat and we love the accents of a little world explorer.

The colors are on point in a hipster fashion and the accents are creative and fun. The floating, hanging “branched” closet, the light fixture and the outside−the−box bed that your tiny one can fit and snuggle right into.

How incredibly charming and fun is this bedroom? Polka dots bounce around the room and there are “stations” of playtime strategically assembled and organized into all the right spots.

Inspired by nature and all its magic, this bedroom has a lot of life and creativity wrapped up inside of it. What little girl wouldn’t have an amazing time learning, exploring and relaxing in a space decorated like their own personal escape?{found on casadevalentina}.

Charming, girlish and an overwhelming sense of upbeat pizzazz, we love this snapshot of the perfect nook for a lively and delicate young lady. Golden confetti and beautiful shades of pick come together to create a very special bedroom.

There is a princess feel to this room but with a very rogue and fun personal touch. The canopy fits her like a queen but the rug choice, patterns and accents sets the stage for a girl with sass and royal flair.

Your little one will feel like a big girl in this beautifully made room. it is relaxing and casual with playful accessories such as the modern, polka dot wall rustic bench addition.

Αttractive colors, intricate mixes of patterns, a neutral foundation and a bed created with an alternative theme in mind, this bedroom has all the pieces you need to create something fashion−forward and stylish. Your little one will have a lot fun using this room during playtime.

This room isn’t your average “girly” space. Sure, it is got pink, but it is also got a dusty grey that sets off the room into an alternative style genre full of eclecticism and creative energy.

Α room that fits two little girls with one big dose of style and personality, it also has beautiful natural lighting. We love the shape of the beds, the mixed and matched bedding choices, as well as the books that line the window seat acting as activity and art.

This is another space that is built for two but with a chic and playful vibe attached. The white foundation sets the scene for easy pops of color and the paint chip focal point, hanging chair and art collage surely makes a unique attachment for a little one’s bedroom.{found on playchicinteriors}.

This room is full of life but it is not overwhelming because of the choice of colors. it is full of interest and intrigue without being harsh on the eyes or unfriendly or clashing in a fashionable essence. it is just plain FUN!{found on isakisak}.

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Beautiful, Eclectic Little Boys and Girls Bedroom Ideas Photo Gallery

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