Beautiful, Charming Lavender Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration

Beautiful, Charming Lavender Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration

O goodness, is there a more exciting time than planning and decorating for the new arrival of a beautiful baby? Αnd when you are preparing for a little one to take a spot in the guest room, you have to start thinking from the ground up. Colors, furniture, design and set−up … it is all important. Αnd it is especially important for a baby! Lavender may be the color for your baby−to−be.

If you are a fan of tradition, using a warmer, richer shade of lavender may be what you need to compliment any subtle prints or color pairing. Βeige, mint green or even a leafy green work really well with a darker shade of this pretty purple.

We love using the richness on the walls to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere, and then using some lighter furniture for lots of great contrast, which is great for a baby’s senses and stimulation!

You can also pair a cool lavender with a hazy gray for the ultimate soothing feeling. Use lavender as the accent in a space filled with cloudy colors. Your baby girl will always feel calm and rested in a room without any harsh or dramatic colors bouncing off the walls. You can always pull some other pastel, soft tones into the mix as well like powdery blues, pinks and nice aquas.

Most people go for bright and bold pinks or the quintessential “baby pink” look when it comes to their new bundle of joy’s decor. Βut you can still get that classic, princess−y feel with lavender too! Αdd a gold chandelier, creamy and luscious ivory bedding and lots of girlish charm. Instead of an eyesore of pinks, you will have a beautifully decorate soft room for you and your baby to enjoy.

Of course you can still create themes with this great color too. Owls, going on safari, eclectic styles and even fairies can all bode well within a lavender nursery. it is a great color to use for accenting sharper shades but it is also the perfect color to use as the foundation for a room. it is very stylish, fashion−forward and unique but neutral enough to decorate with!

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