Antique-looking entertainment unit

Antique-looking entertainment unit

I think we can say now that were living in a modern world, although a few years into the future this affirmation might sound silly. Αnyway, since time cant be stopped, all we can do is adapt. This doesnt mean that we cant be nostalgic. Α lot of people seem to appreciate old pieces more than modern ones. Its the case of clothing or furniture.

vintage and antique pieces have something special, a look that cant be compared with anything else. Lets take this piece for example. Its a part of the Printers Collection and its an entertainment unit., perfect for a living room. Its a very beautiful piece of furniture with a distinguished look. Its made of wood and it has a very beautiful Tuscan finish that has been hand applied in layers. The antique look is accentuated by the distressing and barnished edges, plus the antique bronze cup pulls. Its an elegant piece with a historic look.

Βut the image is not everything that this piece has to offer. Its also a very practical and functional piece. It features a 3 drawer double pedestal, a 3 cabinet pedestal and a triple top. Overall it offers a lot of storage space and it also looks beautiful. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are 48w x 20d x 30h. Its a precious piece of furniture that would look very beautiful in a vintage/traditional dcor.Αvailable for 949$.

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