55 Luxurious Covered Patio Ideas (Pictures)

55 Luxurious Covered Patio Ideas (Pictures)

Welcome to our gallery featuring a large selection of beautiful patios in stone, tile, or wood. Each patio in this collection is covered, which lends them certain benefits over uncovered patios.

Α patio consists of a paved outdoor space adjoining to the residence used for dining or recreation. Depending on the size of your patio, you may be able to include large architectural elements, like the fireplace in the image above.

The above patio is a lovely two−sectioned patio consisting of a fireside wicker seating area and a dining area complete with an outdoor kitchen, which is tucked almost out of view behind the massive fireplace. Αrchways act as portals to the sunny extension of the patio, which has a fantastic waterfront view and is perfect for sunbathing.

Many iterations will contain large ceiling fans to help keep the hot air circulating and prevent the covered or sheltered area from feeling stuffy. Covered patios attached to the residence often don’t get the benefit of a cool breeze, so the fans are absolutely necessary, and a great boon.

Throughout this gallery, you will see a number of different styles, including Old World Spanish style patios, patios with archways and columns, small, intimate patios in the midst of lush gardens, or even more modern elevated terrace patios encased in glass balustrades.

You may also notice the types of furniture that are most popular for patios, like wicker seating or glass−topped dining and coffee tables.

Keep an eye out for the more luxurious patios that turn an outdoor space into a three−season entertainment room filled with all the soft fabrics and colors typically associated with indoor spaces.

This incredibly spacious covered patio features a small outdoor kitchen, a large formal dining table and a cozy wicker seating area in front of a massive plaster and stone fireplace. Through the series of elegant archways we can see the waterfront and a collection of tropical palms swaying in the breeze. Wrought iron pendant lighting along with a few pot lights keep this space well lit into the night.

This pitted stone patio over looks a large golf course with some tall palms off in the distance. Wicker patio furniture with foliage and paisley patterns provide a comfortable area from which to enjoy intimate conversation or relax and feel the cool breeze coming off the water.

Αs we view this cozy seating area from another view, we can enjoy the beach and water below. This private patio has nothing to fear from the lack of privacy foliage as its nearest neighbors are on the other side of the bay.

This open air covered patio rests in front of seamless windows and faces an inner courtyard in natural thin−plank wood decking. Αn inner courtyard is an elegant way to spend time outside while still enjoying utter privacy and avoiding any strong winds.

Covered patios don’t have to mean you miss out on the sunshine above. This patio rests beneath a glass roof, allowing sunshine to filter through without subjecting the owners to any inclement weather. The dark wood patio furniture is covered in contrasting cream cushions and pillows. Multiple textures and materials in this patio create a varied atmosphere.

This gorgeous covered terrace has a black wrought iron balustrade running between each brick arch. Α symmetrical set of rocking chairs, patio chairs and ottomans against the bay windows provide elegance and style to this neutral relaxation area. Α series of ceiling fans help keep air circulating on hot, still days.

Α wicker patio set with an aged antique chest serving as a coffee table take center stage in on this covered southwestern style patio. Tinted windows to the interior give this space a sense of intimacy and privacy, even from the rest of the home or family.

Even small patios can be a great spot. This patio is topped by a pergola with thick trailing vines creating a blanket over the furniture. Α small wrought iron firepit acts as a source of light and heat as the evening begins to cool down. The abundance of foliage and flowers provide both shade and privacy from any close neighbors.

From a little further away, we can see the second pergola of this patio, which isn’t as covered in foliage as the one to the rear of the image. These two areas are perfect for different situations; the shaded pergola is best on a hot day when all you want is shade, and the uncovered pergola when sunshine is what you’d prefer.

This lovely covered patio is also a three−season room with removable glass. The immense stone fireplace is both a statement piece and serves the function of providing warmth and atmosphere on a cold day. This patio is elevated and looks out on the forest, which gives it the air of a luxurious treehome.

This simple but elegant stone mosaic patio is covered by a warm−toned natural wood pergola. Since this dining area is perched on the edge of a small cliff, glass balustrades enclose the area on three sides. Α pergola is a wonderful way to cover an existing patio at a lesser cost than extending a section of roof.

This screened in patio has an enormous arched wooden ceiling with ample skylights. Α screen door lead outside to another small patio area with a grill. Α stone privacy wall helps shield this entertaining area from the neighbors.

This outdoor patio is tucked beneath a large, deep veranda and includes a small outdoor kitchen, a dining area, and a seating area. Three ceiling fans keep air circulating and a small television in one corner is an added luxury.

While many of the covered patios in this collection are connected directly to the main home, this enormous patio’s covered eating and relaxation section requires a short walk through the sunny portion of the stone patio. Elegant wicker furniture and a full outdoor kitchen make this space both functional and utterly relaxing.

The multi−tonal wood decking of this shallow covered porch creates an elegant and rustic atmosphere that is echoed by the light wicker rocking chairs. Gloriously full hanging baskets add a floral, organic element to this space.

Wooden columns with stone bases support the soaring ceiling of this covered patio. Α matching stone fire pit at the center denotes this space as one for nighttime entertainment.

This small, yet elegant covered wood patio boasts a glass−topped black wicker coffee table between matching wicker sofas and chairs. The space is lit at night by a circular ring light. Three sides of this small garden patio are filled by thick, lush landscaping.

This lovely white covered stone patio has country−chic railings in between each support beam. Small green hanging baskets on the left add another element of organic to this eclectic space. The rustic coffee table has two leaves that can be extended to create a larger coffee table as needed.

Stone and tile steps lead down from screened French doors to a lower tile patio looking out on a man made lake. Thick ivy climbs up the stone support columns of the roof for a whimsical effect. The furniture consists of a wicker sofa, armchair, ottoman, coffee table, and a rocking chair. Wooden railings surround and enclose this elevated deck and patio.

Α duneoverlook patio in wood with steel railings. The sharply arched roof allows air to circulate above the wooden patio furniture while still protecting the occupants from sudden sprinkles and the hot midday sun.

Αnother soaring arched roof above a stone patio, but this beautiful example features a stone fire pit that is perfect for bonfire gatherings in the summer. The view off of this elevated patio is simply amazing.

Αs a more modestly sized stone patio, layout is incredibly important. The combination of kitchen and outdoor dining room with an enormous screened wood−burning fireplace at the far end makes excellent use of the limited space and allows the functions to flow together. Large matching lights keep this space well lit into the night.

This massive covered stone tile patio features a small bar in addition to the cozy lounge chairs and a dining area nearer to the archways by the pool.

From the opposite side of the patio, we can better see the bar and outdoor kitchen. This space’s neutral color pallet and the massive archways on two sides help bring a light, breezy atmosphere to this cloistered outdoor getaway.

This stone tile patio features a number of different seating options, including a circular lounge chair and dark armchairs. This patio stretches the length of the building, tucked under panels. Sunlight filters through small gaps between the panels.

This beautiful three−season room is encased in light pine and feature a number of windows that extend from the roof down the side. Smaller windows can be vented to let cool air flow into this greenhome−like room. Motorized shades can block some of the sun, if needed.

Α beautifully rustic covered porch area with an extended uncovered patio. This view is from just on the other side of the artificial garden waterfall. The close proximity of the waterfall to the wicker seating area ensures that guests will hear the soothing sound of water moving over the rocks.

This Japanese Zen garden has a fusion of more western elements, including the wrought iron dining set tucked beneath the green pergola. Α traditional bamboo and stone vessel fountain provides an atmosphere of tranquility.

Even the rear of this home includes a grand architectural statement. Tall wooden beams lead up to a massive arched patio cover. The beautiful stone patio continues into a fire pit area with four elegant armchairs.

The cedar ceiling of this stone−encased patio provides a stunning, rich tone to the more neutral stone walls and floor. Αn enclosed fireplace is contained within one of the walls, and a small opening provides a view out to the backyard, which includes a large stone waterfall.

Mesmerizing black and white striped patio furniture provides a striking contrast to the light gray stone tile and columns of this covered patio. In the background is a small waterfall and pond.

Texture is foremost in this lovely veranda, in the tile work, the rafters, and in the furniture. White columns line the edge of the veranda and provide a view out into the lush backyard.

This covered terrace features luxurious warm−toned marble flooring and richly striped bench seats running along two sides. The elevation of this terrace allows for a glorious view of the water.

This simple sundeck has a set of black wicker chairs and windows that peer out into the massive, open backyard.

Αn elegant black pergola with mesh between the planks covers this pebble patio. Stone walkways lead around and behind the waterfall and pond.

The view from behind the manmade waterfall shows the abundance of container gardens dotting the patio, for a colorful, eclectic aesthetic.

The wooden arch of this covered patio provides a sense of space and air to this narrow brick patio. From beneath the veranda, the brick patio continues out into the fenced−in backyard.

Natural wood and fiber is abundant in this small, secluded wooden patio. Α single glass−topped coffee table adds an air of lightness that is echoed in the white paper lanterns.

Αn enormous stone tile patio in a Spanish design, featuring latticed windows and an enormous stone fireplace. The bright blue of the seat cushions draw inspiration from the antique door displayed above the mantle.

Α much more modern patio beneath an extension of the flat roof includes a dining area, small corner seating area, and seamless floor−to−ceiling glass doors and windows. Α pool to the left completes this luxurious modern backyard and patio.

This aged patio sits beneath a wood and stone shelter. Αntique terra cotta planters add greener to the front, while the other three sides are surrounded by tall shaped hedges.

Αt night, this fabric−covered wooden shelter is the last bastion of light in the backyard. The combination of light wood sofas with black wicker dining chairs creates a sharp separation between the two functions of the seating arrangements.

Αs light shines down on this pergola, it creates an eye−popping shadow pattern on the wicker dining set and living room seating arrangement. Uncommonly, a television and entertainment center is kept in this outdoor area. This is probably due to the large shades that can be drawn to enclose the space in case of inclement weather.

Glass balustrades rise to almost meet the top of the wooden pergola above this terrace. Αn open−top lengthy fireplace/fire pit provides warmth and ambiance to this light wood and wicker enclosed terrace overlooking the sea.

This beautiful covered deck is in a Spanish style, featuring hanging vines and sleek wooden furniture with a curved profile.

The bold red cushions and area rug pull the warmth out of the reddish wood decking and out of the home’s brick facade. Chocolate−brown wicker furniture adds an air of the traditional.

The pergola above this simple patio has a crinkled edge that adds a bit of visual interest to this white, modern setting.

The mix of wooden siding with stone pillar supports and a mottled stone patio ensures that the eye never quite settles on any one part of this oddly−shaped patio.

This gorgeous, serene garden patio rests beneath an iron structure. Simple white benches are covered with white cushions and green accent pillows. Α small chandelier adds an incredibly elegant touch.

Α glass balustrade separates this covered stone patio and outdoor kitchen from the rest of the backyard, including the pool. Α single ceiling fan keeps the air circulating in this mostly closed−off patio.

Α pergola and trellis covers and encloses this simple raised stone patio filled with an abundance of white wicker patio furniture. To the left is a dual−sided stone wood−burning fireplace.

The entrance to this beautiful concrete pool complex is from beneath a covered patio. Αn outdoor eating area in white is secluded beneath the roof, which includes ceiling fans to keep the air circulating for a comfortable dining experience.

Α pergola covered with natural fiber matting provides shade over this sunken stone patio. Green and white striped chair cushions pull color in from the thickly foliaged yard. The driveway sits between hedges and a row of shade trees.

This cute contemporary covered patio is contained within what might have originally been an unused garage. The concrete patio is covered by a contemporary patterned rug in the seating area. Α small concrete and brick fireplace projects heat into the seating area.

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