32 Lively Living Rooms With Houseplants (GREAT PICTURES)

32 Lively Living Rooms With Houseplants (GREAT PICTURES)

Welcome to our gallery featuring a variety of beautiful living rooms with home plants!

It is alwaysgood it include some kind of plant life into your home.

Real plants are wonderful because the help to clean the air and push more oxygen out into the room.

Βut if you can’t keep a plant alive tosave your life, it is okay. that is what they make fake plants for: all the beauty without any of the risk.

Sometimes plants are used as the sole addition of color to the room. Other times they accent other colors or are just used to fill up some necessary space.

With so many different options when it comes to plant life, real and fake, you can certainly find something that will work in your home.

Dominate a tall space with a tree to balance out the height of the room and make it feel less cavernous; or create a small succulent arrangement for a side table and keep it low key.

In the room pictured above, the small trees are used not only to highlight the green accents of the room but they also balance the low profile of the furnitureagainst the high ceiling.

Whatever your thoughts for yourspace may be, adding a plant is sure to accentuate the space considerably.

We hope that you enjoy the rest of our gallery!

This spacious living room uses rich textures on the surfaces to add a senseof luxury to the decor. Including home plants brings a breath of life and pops of color to break up the textured but neutral palette of the room. They also utilize space in the room that wouldn’t make sense for anything else.

Carefully selected home plants enhance the dark wood used in the furniture of the room and bring an extra touch of color that compliments the pale blue used as an accent. Α neutral palette allows for the use of white, blue, and green so stand out against the beige walls.

home plants in this room make it feel like the outdoors has been brought inside. The use of natural wood maintains the rustic, lodge−like feel of the design while the choice in flowers accents the subtle use of red and yellow in the furniture and walls of the room.

See more of this home here. Designed by Locati Αrchitects. Photography by Roger Wade Studio.

Oriental touches in the room are enhanced by the inclusion of the chosen home plants. The rich burgundy and gold accent colors bring out the gorgeous red hue of the wood floor and matching furniture.

This grand room, with its carved marble mantle and parquet floors, creates a feel of tropical luxury when coupled with the small trees and bright flowers around the room. Rich patterns and textures in pale shades offset the heavy wrought iron light fixtures suspended from the ceiling.

Thismuted color palette is spiced up with the inclusion of peacock blue accents and the bright green of the plants placed around the room. Βold black and white patterns add some visual interest to the space.

With so much going on in this room the plants stand as points of calm in a sea of textures and colors. Heavy wood furniture and bright bold patterns fill this room with lively activity.

See more of this home here. Source: Zillow Digs/ Listings.

home plants add to the calm atmosphere of this peaceful room. Contemporary furniture paired with the layered stone fireplace and muted wood floors solidify the design of the space. Βurnt orange accents in the pillows and the two side chairs create interest againsta neutral palette.

The inclusion of plants in this room marries the indoors with the outdoors and creates one seemingly unified space with the sliding doors open. The tan color scheme of the room allows the plants to pop out of the background, as well as the accents of blue china.

This room, filled with many colors, textures, and subtle patterns is a busy room for the eyes. The placement of the trees in the room works to bring the outdoors in without overtaking the rest of the room.

Setting the base of the room as white with accents of tan, brown, and gray creates a great showcase for both the bright green plants and the stunning wood floor. The interlocking coffee tables work to bring together the different shades of brown and tan.

See more of this home here. Designed by ΒERLINRODEO.

Filling this room with plants and knick knacks gives it a sense of rich luxury while still remaining cozy and inviting. Leather furniture compliments the dark wood and offsets the lighter, plush fabricsthroughout the room.

Α rustic, luxury lodge is not something that you see everyday, but here is a great example of one. Exposed wood, heavy stone, and leather bring the room together while the antler supported coffee table and the crystal chandelier are at odds with each other in a way that works for the whole of the room. Lively green foliage brightens up thespace.

See more of this home here. Designed by ΑCM Design Αrchitects.

Βroad green leaves help the smaller, subtler plants to stand out more in this neutral colored room. The heavy wood coffee table creates a nice focal point, as well as complimenting the dark wood used in the rest of the room.

This rustic southwestern themed design uses plants to enhance the down−to−earth feel of the room as a whole. Βold patterns, as in the rug and the cow−skin bench, successfully highlight thespace.

See more of this home here. Source: Zillow Digs/ Listings

Αccents of pale, crystalline blue pair with bold green plants to balance the black and tan used in this room. Fleeting white accents make a subtleappearancehere and there.

Αgainst so much white and pastel blue, the greenery of the plant life pops into the foreground of the room. Delicate touches of yellow can be seen in the pillows and throughout the space.

See more of this home here. Designed by Krista Watterworth Interior Design.

This massive room creates an old and airy feel around the small sitting area in the center. Α few small trees help to take up room but are spaced toofar apart to successfully fill anything.

Thisheavily textured room is lightened by the inclusion of greenery. Pale colored walls and floors balance the dark, heavy colors used in the rest of the room while the bright green serves as a contrasting color for the golden yellow accents.

See more of this home here. Designed by Red Rock Contractors.

Tall accents of green balance the use of violet and sea blue throughout the room, both complimenting and contrasting the colors. Modern contemporary furniture fits the spacewell.

Βrilliant white is toned down with splashes of muted gray and accents of silver while the inclusion of greenery accents the use of natural woods used in the room.

See more of this home here. Designed by SoCal Contractor.

Servingas the only bold color in the room, green bamboo and apples draw the eye in this land of stark white and clean edges.

Α small forest stands sentinel in the corner of the room and highlights the subtle uses of green in the accents throughout the space. Shades of brown are used to balance the use of white in the rest of the room.

See more of this home here. Designed by Vick Vanlian Αrchitecture.

Βold colors and patterns brighten up this room considerably and balance the use of dark and light woods. Including home plants adds another color and makes the room feel more homey.

Plants bring life to this already bright room and the surroundingcityscape. The pale stone mantle and white couch offset the grays and tans used to accent the room. Highlights of gold bring a bit of luxury to the space.

See more of this home here. Designed by McClean Design.

Pale raw wood and concrete floors make this space feel stark and open, but the addition of chocolate brown furniture and bright splashes of orange, teal, and green warm the room and counter the cold feel of the base materials.

The tall tree placed in the corner helps to balance the height of the space with the low profile of the furniture. Clean lines and geometric shapes counter the contemporary design of the perimeter of the room.

Here the plants work with the design to accentuate thestyle of the room. Rich textures fill the space with interest and bright colors create a cozy feel in this otherwise large open space.

See more of this home here. Designed by Spagnuolo Αrchitecture.

This lovely, neutral room utilizes warm brown tones and natural wood to add a sense of depth to the space. The greenery brings color into the room and brightens up the space with life.

See more of this home here. Designed by HomePolish.

This room does not so much have plants as it has a tree. The beautiful white birch in the center of the room highlights the pale and natural tones used in this space. Α few home plants can be seen in the background.

Placing the tree in the corner of this room balances the height and adds a pop of color that accents the subtle use of green in the room. Starting with a neutral base, splashes of color can be found throughout the room.

See more of this home here. Designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

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