2011 Zara Home Collection

2011 Zara Home Collection

The latest 2011 Zara Home spring/summer collection features teal coloured, gold rimmed glass tumblers, gold cutlery and geometric patterned plates and for children’s polka dot cushions.I am sure that you will find something perfect and useful for your home.Α big part of this collection is colorful giving life your home.

White Zara Βedding Collection

Fashion a Frame Planter for Succulents

The white bedding colection was inspired from warm summer days.The details and finishes are for those who love exclusivity; dreamy, delicate white cotton lingerie with broderie anglaise, subtle jacquard patterns and lace.

Country Zara Home Collection

The country collection is surrounded by a misty, almost ethereal atmosphere, full of the romance of glazed cottons, lace and sheer fabrics that define the most feminine part.The collection was inspired from the ambience of France in the 1920s.

Ethnic Zara Home Collection

Colorful, this ethinc collection feature three colour distinct palettes;intens petrol blue with accents of grey and turquoise, purple with a touch of bright blue and finally fuchsia with hints of mink brown.

Chic Zara Home Collection

The Chic collection comes with a touch of Madagascar,who perfectly combines traditional Αfrican roots with exquisite and elegant design.it is a mix of ancestral roots with modern and elegant European touches that play with black and intense lime green to provide colour and light.Which pieces are catching your eye?

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