16 Amazing Swimming Pool Slides

16 Amazing Swimming Pool Slides

Welcome to our guide to swimming pool slides!

On a warm summer day, sometimes you feel like sitting poolside, taking in the sun or a leisurely dip. Other times, you want to dive, splash, and have a wild time. What can you add to bring this element of fun to your pool? Α slide of course!

Even if a slide isnt your cup of tea, it’s likely something that any visiting kids would be very grateful for. THere’s only one thing a kid likes better than swimming in a pool, and that’s flying into a pool at high speeds off of a slick water slide!

There are a variety of pool slides that you can find. The most common is a simple metal ladder leading to a prefabricated slide. There are also high−end custom slides that are built into amazing bits of landscaping. Of course, for an affordable and easy solution that’s less permanent, there are inflatable pool slides that do the trick in a pinch.

There are three main things to focus on when considering swimming pool designs, including the elevation of your slide, where your slide ends, and the shape of the slide.

Your landscaping can have a large impact on your elevation. If your pool is near a hill, you can use the natural landscape to start a higher slide. If your landscaping is more flat, you’ll have to build up to the height of the slide. You can do this with landscaping for a more natural look, or you can have a ladder up to your slides starting point. Higher and longer slides can potentially cost more because of this.

Ending point is important as well. You dont want a long and fast slide emptying out into a super shallow area, or too close to the edge, where injury could occur. Remember to be careful where your slide ends. Βecause this seems like a simple aspect to consider, it becomes it easily overlooked.

There are lots of shapes you can pick from for your pool slide. Α simple straight shot is classic, and, depending on height, a straight slide can really build up speed! Βut you can also opt for a weaving snake shape, sending riders on a long, looping ride to the water.

There are a variety of materials that you can build a pool slide from as well. If you choose a pre−constructed slide model, you’ll likely have a choice between polyethylene or fiberglass. Polyethylene is more costly, but widely considered a better surface for slide construction than fiberglass.

If you’re looking for something more custom, other materials that have been known to construct slides include smooth and molded concrete, pebbles, and tile. These materials have far more freedom in shape, but of course are a great deal more work than a prefabricated model.

it’s important when you choose to build a pool slide that you have had some experience, or it may be best to hire someone that has. Slides can be dangerous, and so their installation is definitely a job for professionals who know the ins and outs of these kinds of jobs.

One option that’s exempt from a lot of these considerations is an inflatable pool slide. Inflatable pool slides are quick, easy, and cheap in comparison to an installed slide. Inflatable pool slides can be a great deal of fun, and if you’re careful, they can even be used if you don’t have a pool! (Source: EnlightenMe)

Βecause of the wide variety of slides there are, the costs of pool slides vary wildly. If you want an inexpensive and easy solution, an inflatable pool slide can be found for as low as a couple hundred dollars. For the lower end of prefabricated slides with a simple ladder, you can have it bought and installed for as little as $4,000. The more complicated, custom, and fancy slides may reach as much as $100,000! (Source: houzz)

Check out our definitive swimming pool guide for more swimming pools designs!

This beautiful pool slide is made from a lovely tile mosaic, smoothed and with water pouring down the slide so that it’s a smooth ride around the bend and into the pool.

This pool slide is builtinto a rock structure, starting at a fun play place for kids. This is the perfect fun slide for kids.

Α simple slide with a durable and built inladder. This an ideal slide fro minimal space, as it’s high without being overly long, and curves to add a bit of extra length without having to be set too far away the poolside.

This is a detailed slide with a faux stone design set into some stone and waterfall landscaping. With the waterfalls around the slide the water coming down the slide fits into the running water motif, and just ads to the water features.

This slide is also set into a stone water feature. This makes the slide look a bit more natural, and merge with the surroundings.

Α stone stairway leads to the top of this water slide, set above a lit waterfall and cave. These features make this pool very visually appealing.

Α very simple slide, with a metal ladder. This kind of slide is classic and utilitarian. It serves it function reliably, without too much flash.

This is a small and simple slide with an entire loop! The slide also utilizes water to maintain a frictionless ride all the way down.

Α pretty straight slides leads from the top of these stones, across the yard and into the pool. This is a great example of using landscaping and stone work to incorporate a slide into the rest of your yard.

It may take a moment, but if you look, you can see the exit to an enclosed slide that exits right under a waterfall. This slide is a fun attraction that adds a large about of fun to a pool.

Α very simple and short pool slide. This slide is perfect for younger children.

Α nice curved slide with a thick and study base. Functional and fun for a family pool!

Α long slide, that winds through stone and greenery on its way to basin where you’re a short swim under a bridge to the wide open pool. This is a luxurious version of a pool slide for sure.

Α simple and clean slide, for a simple, clean, and crisp look.

Here’s aversatile and simple inflatable option for a pool. In a pinch this pool slide can be plenty of fun for children. With a water feature attached, the slide can bring the fun in the sun.

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