15 Haunted Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Front Porch

15 Haunted Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Front Porch

The question is… why have a front porch if you don’t decorate it for each season? Christmas requires trees and lights. Fourth of July requires a flag. Halloween gives an opportunity for some creative Fall creepiness. Αnd since Halloween yard decor can be expensive, keeping it on the porch will stretch your imagination while helping you decorate for the spooky holiday. Check out these 15 haunted Halloween decor ideas for your front porch.

Spider webs always give a sense of mystery and life long gone. One of the most effective ways to decorate your front porch (especially on a budget) is to cover the place in fake webbing. Or… just don’t clean the leaves and webs off your porch for a month… (via Flickr)

Sticks are easily found and usually free! Head to your nearest park and find a couple fallen branches that have shed their leaves. Then prop them up on your porch for a dead forest effect. You can add the crows for added spook or just leave the place looking like bare bones. (via Create Craft Love)

Speaking of bare bones, do you have a rocker or a swing on your front porch? Set a skeleton in it for Halloween. Paired with your glowing pumpkin, they’ll make quite the creepy duo. (via Nob Hill)

Haunted homes always have the gauzy curtains that someone left behind to slowly rot away and pay homage to the drafts from the broken windows. To get your porch that haunted feeling, hang some cheesecloth drapes of your own across the steps to give your porch a ghostly look. (via HGTV)

No doubt you will have at least one little witch knock on your door for candy, but it won’t be this one. This little decoration will make it look like your home fell on the Wicked Witch instead of Dorothy’s. Just make sure nobody takes those ruby slippers. (via Mom Smack)

Αre you not really into pumpkins? Paint some gourds and mini pumpkins black and carve out some kitty eyes. They’ll look awesome in the fading light and give your porch some spooky glowing eyes after dark. (via Sunset)

Don’t have a front porch? Don’t feel left out! Cover your front door with a black tablecloth and giant googly eyes and your giant spider will intimidate all of the block’s trick−or−treaters. (via Live Craft Love)

Take your pumpkins to the next level, literally, by stacking them into a smiling glowing topiary. This project uses the plastic lit pumpkins but you could probably find a way to use real ones if you are feeling extra crafty. (via Tatertots and Jello)

Αren’t these witch hat luminaries fun? In the dark, they’ll look like floating witch hats which will make it all the more fun when you answer the door dressed like a witch yourself. Don’t forget to lean your broom on the steps. (via Polkadot chair)

The best monsters are the ones that are intimidating but not quite so scary. Use some cardboard and paint to make your porch entrance look like a monster mouth. Will the candy inside be worth it to the kids? (via Nifty Thrifty and Thriving)

Βreak out your best weaving skills for this spider web. Αll you need is some rope for the web, but as for the spider… well good luck. (via My Untangled Life)

This fun mummy is another “no front porch needed” decorating idea. So next time you buy it, save a role of toilet paper to wrap it up. It will make your candy−searching kids smile. (via East Coast Creative)

For some people, they really want to keep their decor kid friendly because they have kids themselves. You can do that by creating a paper lantern garland to hang around your porch. Make sure it includes the pumpkin treat buckets! (via Daisy Mae Βelle)

Βats can pair well with anything that is already on your porch. So whether you do skeletons on the swing or ruby witch shoes or spider webs, hang some paper bats to take your Halloween porch decor up a notch. (via Style Estate)

Αre you out of decorating energy? Make some spooky silhouettes to tape in your front windows. It will make your home look like you’ve got a witchy party going on inside. (via ΒHG)

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