13 Wine Cellar Ceiling Ideas by CEILTRIM Inc.

13 Wine Cellar Ceiling Ideas by CEILTRIM Inc.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a series of wine cellars with unique ceilings designed by CEILTRIM Inc.

Wine cellars are a luxury storage rooms that can be built either above ground or below it. “Wine cellar” typically refers to one built below ground, while those built above are called “wine rooms” or “wine closets.” These storage rooms are built especially to hold wine or liquor bottles in a place with a relatively controlled temperature and humidity level.

Since wine is a natural beverage that can spoil in the heat, these storage rooms need to be able to keep them at a constant temperature. Keeping wine or liquor in an optimal environment can actually allow the beverage to increase in flavor and aroma.

Wine cellars can either be classified as “active” or as “passive”, meaning that an active wine cellar is built with a climate control system that runs on electricity and ensures that the room stays at the optimal environment.

Passive wine cellars are usually built below ground, where they stay cool and are out of the sun. These rooms are still subject to temperature swings, but they are minimal. Passive wine cellars are all−around less expensive and not subject to power−outages.

We hope you will enjoy this selection of beautiful, varied wine cellar designs with fantastic architectural details on the ceilings.

Α wine cellar filled with wooden racks both of vertical design and arranged in a diamond pattern. Shelves below the racks hold wooden boxes.

Α barrel−vaulted wine cellar with textured walls and light wood wine racks on the two side walls. The room also contains a small counter on the far wall and a tall tasting table in the center. On the far wall is an inset painting of a vineyard.

Α small wine room with a simple cabinet on the far wall and two wingback chairs on either side.

Α rustic wood and stone wine cellar with extensive racks on the left and right side of the room. On the back wall is a counter with additional racks and shelves for storing boxes. Α long tasting table runs the length of the narrow room.

Αn all−wood wine cellar with a barrel vaulted ceiling. Αn iron chandelier in the shape of a six−pointed star hangs from the ceiling.

Α stone wine cellar with a wrought iron door that leads to the storage area. The main, larger area has a small table and two high−back dining chairs for tasting.

Α circular wine cellar with a large table in the center of the room and racks all around the outside.

Α barrel−vaulted wine cellar with a small counter on the left and a curved nook area for storing boxes.

Α rustic old−world style wine cellar with a long dining table in the center and a frosted−glass door leading out into the main part of the home.

Αn elegant wine cellar with an inset on the back wall with a small settee. Matching wrought iron orb chandeliers hang from the barrel vaulted ceiling.

Α small wine cellar with a barrel tasting table on the far wall. The brick walls are faded in spots, adding visual interest.

Α bold red and gold wine room with a mosaic floor and sconces on either side of the archway between the two rooms.

Αn elegant circular wine cellar with a dome ceiling that contains a huge crystal chandelier. Βacklit shelves allow the owners to display their favorites.

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13 Wine Cellar Ceiling Ideas by CEILTRIM Inc. Photo Gallery

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