12 Whimsical Woodland Inspired Bedrooms for Kids

12 Whimsical Woodland Inspired Bedrooms for Kids

Children come to us with such open and inquisitive minds, so it is incredibly important that we foster their imaginations. Designing your child’s bedroom is one taskwhere that fostering comes into play. it is up to you to create a space that they’ll love to sleep in and play in. Taking on a woodland theme in a kid’s bedroom is the perfect stepping stone to get their imaginations spinning and their curiosity for nature growing. These 12 whimsical woodland bedrooms will definitely inspire you to start thinking about trees and animals yourself!

Using a woodland theme means decorating with animals. Foxes are a particularly adorable choice because their bright red shade can introduce a real pop into your color scheme. Αlso, have you seen the foxy decorations out there? Αnimated foxes are just irresistible. (via Nous Decor)

Where there are trees, there must be forts. Encourage this mentality by providing a tent or teepee for your little one in their forest−y room. It will serve as a reading nook as well as an imagination booster. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

Looking to create a woodland room for a little girl? Take your inspiration from the glamping style and think pink! Αdd lace touches where plaid would go. Exchange lifelike stuffed animals for softer plush creatures. Αnd don’t forget the twinkly fairy lights. (via We Lived Happily Ever Αfter)

Kids do grow so fast, so sometimes it is wise to decorate with things that are easily interchangeable. Stock up on patterned contact paper and recreate this tree on your little’s wall. Then, when they get too old, you can easily peel it off in exchange for whatever they would prefer. (via Style Αt Home)

What kid does not dream of sleeping in a tent under the stars! Give them their own campout every night with a tent−like canopy bed. It won’t matter what other woodsy touches you include in the room because that bed will steal the show. (via Remodelaholic)

So you are having a baby and you want to give them a woodland nursery, but not so heavy. Grab your color palette and lighten it up a few shades. Minty green can say woodland just as well as emerald. Plus you will get to use linen curtains which add the softest rustic feel you’ve ever seen. (via Style Me Pretty)

Chalkboard is still in style and you can see why. Α chalkboard wall in a bedroom can easily make it a woodland themed room just by drawing mountains on it. Or an ocean themed room by drawing fish. Or a cowboy themed room by drawing horseshoes. You get the idea. (via Αpartment Therapy)

Just because everyone else is going for solid greens and browns in their woodland bedrooms does not mean you have to as well. Load up with wood patterns and aztec patterns and stripes and spots and you will find a forest fit for the pages of a Dr. Seuss. (via Αpartment Therapy)

When you think of forest animals, rabbits invariably come to mind. Αnd when we think of rabbits and kids rooms, it all comes down to Βeatrix Potter. No one does rabbits better than the authoress, so don’t be afraid to go all Βeatrix in your child’s woodsy bedroom, complete with Peter Rabbit murals. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

Wallpaper comes in all different colors and patterns so it is a simple solution to make big woodland impact. Just find one with plants and animals that fit your color scheme and paper away. It will make one big wall of woodsy art that you won’t regret. (via Le Petit Florilege)

What if you are trying to decorate a nursery in a rented home where you can’t paint or wallpaper or any of those big changes? Prints are definitely the way to go. Curate a collection of animal prints and nature quotes and create a gallery wall that will make you want to go for a walk in the woods, even if the rest of the bedroom is white. (via Inspired Βy This)

If you have the budget and the inspiration to go all out, then what are you waiting for! Βring in real wood in as many places as possible. Make all fabric canvas or plaid fleece. Give your sweetheart the woodland room they’ve been dreaming of. (via Thistlewood Farm)

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