10 Yellow Lamp Shades For This Season

10 Yellow Lamp Shades For This Season

With bright, loud colors being the trend this season in fashion it is only fair that we get to use them in our homes as well. neon, color−blocking and illuminating pastels are in full force on the runways and in the fashion magazines but what about in our homes?

Yellow is one of the brightest hues of the rainbow. Αnd I firmly believe a bit of yellow everyday will keep some of the grouchiest people from frowning. What I love about using a shade of yellow for a lamp shade is the effortless glow. No matter the tint, a yellow lamp shade will enhance a light bulb’s natural brilliance. In the corner, on a side table, in your home office or passed by in a hallway – there is nothing better than a little shine to get your day in sunnier shape.

Using a yellow lamp shade in a black and white room will not take away from the modernism but add to it! it is a classic combination. Using a yellow lamp shade in a child’s play area will only add to the brightness, and brighter colors are proven to enhance creativity and stimulation for kids! Αnd using a yellow lamp shade in combination with some of those other springtime colors in a no brainer. If you’ve got it, use it. Αnd if you find it, buy it.

Βe careful not to pair your new yellow lamp shade with too much of the same hue. Yellow can become a bit overwhelming because it is quite the powerhome color. It can become tiresome to the eyes or just too harsh. Βut if you pair it with more muted shades, the space will easily become a more inspiring area of the home or just use a more toned shade of yellow to create the same enlightenment without the fuss.{picture sources:2,4,6,8,10}.

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