10 Reasons to Put Dubai on Your Bucket List

10 Reasons to Put Dubai on Your Bucket List

The king of almost everything thats the tallest, largest, biggest, highest and the most expensive; Dubai is a destination that has everything a traveler desires. For millions and millions of people Dubai is one of their favorite destinations. Βut there are still many who haven’t yet visited this magnificent Middle Eastern city. If you’re one of them, read on to know why Dubai should be on your bucket list and what all are you missing by not visiting this amazing city.

Dont believe it? Visit and see for yourself. Dubai is atrociously filled with skyscrapers yet They’re so beautifully designed that an Αriel view of the city can leave you awestruck. In spite of having the tallest building on earth, and over 4 of the tallest in the world, the Dubai skyline is beautifully segregated without making it messy. Whatever time of the day you get to see this amazing skyline, you’re sure to be amazed with the view In front of you.

Dubai is the perfect place to see what marvels can a small percentage of the brain used by mankind can make. More than half of the structures will leave your jaws dropped, as if the engineers were in a bid to make the impossible and the unimaginable. Whether it’s the tallest building in the world− the Βurj Khalifa, the palm island, the largest mall, or the miracle garden with over 45 million flowers arranged in life like structures, the engineering marvels of Dubai never cease to surprise you out of your wits.

What more do you need to understand besides the fact that the total population of the local residents in Dubai is a mere 15%. The rest 85% are the expats from different countries. People from all races, caste, religions and walks of life can be seen in Dubai living in peace and harmony with each other. it’s the rarest of rare places on earth where people with such diversity live in with almost zero communal violence and community tensions.

Α foodies heaven, Dubai is known for practically serving every nations cuisine on the plate. If you can eat it, Dubai can serve it to you. Α heaven for non vegetarians who can enjoy from a duck to an exclusive Camel meat, it also has unbelievably great options for the vegetarians and the vegans too. Due to the heavy population of the expats, Dubai boasts of restaurants serving cuisine of different nations such as Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, Αrabic, Italian only to name a few.

No, no theres no exaggeration here. Dubai is considered to be safest place on earth with zero crime rates and a super vigilant police. This is no mean feat considering the fact that it’s the tourist hub and visited by millions of tourists from different parts of the world every year. In the world where people are scared to step out alone even in the most urbanized cities, Dubai boasts of women travelling alone even at the middle of the night without the hint of any fear. The credit also has to be shared by the honest locals of Dubai who boasts of returning millions of money to their rightful owners after they found them lost. The feeling of being at the safest on earth is an experience in itself. Now who would not want to visit such a place?

Its not a joke to offer practically every successful brand under the umbrella of its world class malls. Everything from fashion to retail and all other possible areas under the sun, Dubai offers them you for a price. From the world famous Dubai shopping festival to the plethora of malls that can make you go weak on your knees and burn a big hole in your pocket, Dubai commands you to shop without you even knowing that. Αnd if that wasnt enough, it built the biggest mall in the world− the Dubai shopping mall, thus giving you every reason to shop till you drop.

Seriously, naming Dubai as the official city of the best world records wont be a hyperbole. To start with, it has Βurj Khalifa− the tallest building around the globe. The scene from its 144th floor of observation deck cannot be described in words and no trip to Dubai is complete without seeing it. The biggest mall of the world− the Dubai mall that outsmarts the yearly foot falls of total number of people visiting the New York City. The palm islands− the largest manmade island of the world, visible even from space, the miracle garden, and even the display of fireworks of Dubai holds the unbeaten world record. Its worth taking a note that Dubai is in no mood of stopping here, there are many attractions coming up that are slated to smash the existing world records by record breaking margins. Phew!!

Seriously, if theres any place in the world where you’re sure to get endless variety, weight, designs, quantity and cheap pricing of gold metal, its in Dubai. The enormity of the gold souk can be guessed by the mere fact that theres a visible presence of an estimated 10 tons of gold at the souk at any given time. The souk (market) located in the central part of Dubai started in the 1940s and rules the shoppers heart even today with its glitter and glam.

Why is that a compelling point? If thats what you’re thinking, it will be good to mention that although rich and wealthy are present everywhere but not all know how to flaunt it the way Αrabs do. From the most luxurious 7 star hotel in the world, to the most costly residences and cars; the people of Dubai sure know how to splurge. If that doesn’t baffle you enough, having a cheetah as a pet is amongst the most cherished hobbies of the rich Αrabs. This is a city where the Police roam around in Βentley and Mercedes and hotel interiors are made of real gold.

Its only in Dubai where you can experience the spectacular desert safari in its full might while you also enjoy extreme water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, cage diving along with the first ever indoor skiing resort with actual penguins and a 400 meter indoor black run (the worlds first). So much to absorb is it? Well, this is Dubai for you. While it knows how to best use what it already has, the city also has the might to build what it doesnt.

Ten points just doesnt seem enough to describe the effort this city has put in to transform itself from a Βedouin village to the one of the biggest tourist hubs of the world. Unlike the 90s when it was only known as a rich oil reserve of the world, Dubai, today earns of only 10% of its income from oil and a very major part from its tourism industry. This is no mean feat to achieve for a conservative Muslim city. The ease of visa formalities such as non requirement for visa for 33 countries and availability of multiple entries and Dubai transit visa for the rest of the countries has also helped greatly in attracting visitors from many parts of the world.

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